Even scrupulous even with zero fiscal deficit Germany

Even scrupulous even with zero fiscal deficit Germany

Who is “good child” for everyone
– This book “Why Japanese Can Calculate Changes in a Moment” can be said to be a sequel to “Family Parenting for Mothers” written by Mr. Kawaguchi in 2007 (Bunshun Shinpo), “Introduction There is. Indeed, it was impressive that the figure of the child after eight years who grew up as “sturdy girls” was drawn. For example, Mr. Y of the third female. In the NGO project in the NGO project for 14 months in college era, I went to Albania and found a child of a persecuted Roma (a moving ethnic origin in India, which was called gypsy but now is not used as a discriminatory designation) Behavioral ability to assist. I was struck by the way I acted with faith in mind what I thought was right. Having grown up in a German environment has fostered these strengths?

Kawaguchi: I think that it is unlikely that it is because he grew up in Germany. Indeed, there are many Japanese who go out to volunteers abroad, and when Y visits a refugee camp in Jordan, he seems to have met a Japanese couple engaged in refugee support locally. The couple initially supported refugees who came from Syria in Iraq, but the invasion of ISIS made support activities in Iraq more difficult, and this time I came to Jordan to support Iraqi refugees It is said. I think that there is no difference between Japanese and foreigners because of justice and behavioral power.

If you mention the difference in Germany as a society, the social hurdle to engage in volunteers is low. For example, one year after graduating from high school, the case of volunteering and deciding the course is very common. As in Japan, as soon as I graduate from high school I do not have the idea of going to college entrance examinations or employment. Everyone seems to be trial and error basically looking for the job that I want to do, the job I want to take.

As I often think, it seems that Japanese are tying themselves against deciding on actions and courses. “I want to move exactly as expected”, but doing such a thing, on the other hand, there is a risk of being responsible for the course and action that he chose, it is also troublesome. Besides failing and accusing them from the surroundings, as you all say, if you behave as you expect, it is safe. To those who think so, Japan can be said to be a living country. There are many “good children” in so-called straightforward.

However, on the other hand, I think what exactly is “a good child”. Who is a good child for “a good child”? Is it good for parents or good for teachers? In any case, the child’s own measure is overlooked. It is merely a desire of a parent to seek a “good child.” Since I noticed this fact, I have kept my scales as parents as much as possible in parenting. The child who opposes may have the power to live.

Even so, it is a story that the spirit will freeze even if it is not parent, saying that the daughter ‘s money of only 20 euros (about 2400 yen) crosses the border between Serbia and Kosovo.

Kawaguchi: I can not find anything other than ‘Language Punishment’ (laugh). Of course I have also done a minimum discipline. For example, you do not throw garbage in the road, or you do not want people to dislike it. The Germans throw out garbage and the dog’s hun is as it is …. My daughter once threw away the core of the apple from the window of the car and scolded for unusual for me. Then I was eating apples in the same situation at a later date, so I guess I knew I was watching it while driving, “Well what are you going to do”? Finally, I ate a core wonderfully (laugh). Sometimes get angry, it will be effective.

◆ “I can not choose” East German people
– Even so why do Japanese feel that walking the way you want is a risk.

Kawaguchi: The story I heard before was impressive when the East and West Germans unified. West Germany before unification is already excessive liberalism. To East Germany against socialism, the culture of control that bound the people lasted 40 years.

Under such circumstances Germany unified, the East and West became a free society at the moment, the people of the East Germany were in trouble “at what point to choose” every aspect of life. Anyway, the number of items that had only been counted in the past increased explosively, and from choosing the university to the employment place was forced to choose everywhere in my life. Until then, all the toys, clothes, yoghurt, and toys are the same in the show windows. Act of choosing subjectively, etc. Although it was not necessary much, one day suddenly the situation has changed completely, their embarrassment is unreasonable. People who told me this story noticed that in the work of a client from the former East Germany, just saying “There is such an option” does not go smoothly, and then, “This is the reason It seems to have added that “I think that it is for you.”

Indeed, I think that Japanese people, like those in the former East Germany, did not decide by themselves to decide. This can be understood by thinking about the history and cultural background of the Japanese rice crop race. It will not work if you do not cooperate with rice field, rice planting and rice reaping. It is more cooperative than individuality. Many things were decided by weather rather than individual decision. From that there seems to be social soil that Japanese group collectivism and individual willself do not act arbitrarily. “Adjusting to the surroundings” is a strength and strength of the Japanese. But it also sometimes feels like weakening the choice based on self-responsibility and being left behind from the competition and change in the global age.

Especially in the case of politicians, I think people who can do what they thought was right at their own risk, even if they were hated by citizens, I would like people to be able to make a strong foreign diplomacy.

– Although there is an opinion that elite education is lacking in Japan.

Kawaguchi: Of course, Japan also has an elite. Graduates from the University of Tokyo are absolutely beyond losing their expertise, of course, compared with American MIT and Ox Bridge graduates in the UK. However, as I see various cultures accompanying it, I often feel that it is more solid. In Europe, there is a tremendous elite that we can discuss not only expert knowledge but also art, philosophy, literature, even overnight, and do sports.

As I mentioned in this book, Japan is the world’s top class in educating the bottom and middle class. After all, I am concerned that there are many cases that often does not connect well to higher education afterwards.

For example, although I am a language student, myself, English that I studied at school for 8 years is useless. Compared to that, I can master the German that I worked on since becoming an adult, so I can not say that my English is poor at all (laugh). Is not there a problem with how to teach?

Nonetheless, Japan’s primary education is truly wonderful. In Germany, I teach elementary school first grade alphabet over a year, but there are still children who can not write properly. Even in mathematics, in elementary school first graders in Japan teach numbers up to 100, but in Germany only 20 are taught. I think that these accumulations are making a difference in academic ability of the base and middle class mentioned earlier.

– Just when I came by taxi to this interview place, when I handed 5020 yen to the flight crew with a fare of 1420 yen, the correct change came back instantly.

Kawaguchi: You passed a Japanese examination (laugh). It is the national strength of Japan that in the future, the most fundamental element of living, less drought at the level of old “reading, writing, abacus” is.

In primary education in Germany, schools A, B, and C were distributed in the latter half of the fourth grade of elementary school by the languages of the national language and mathematics, and many of the children divided into the C school were in the fourth grade of elementary school I abandon study. Originally, school C was a craftworking school where children go, it was not a bad school. But now, as I will tell you later, it has become a falling school.

So, although the course can be modified at a later time, even if it is a 10-year-old elementary school student, I feel that “I am not expecting any more” if it is sorted out to the C school. There is no such a sure way to kill a child’s motivation. It is unlikely that children rated at C will subsequently be inspired to increase academic ability. The movement to reform this system has been around for 30 years, 40 years ago, but it is quite unchanged. This can be said to be one of the reasons for lack of academic ability at the bottom of Germany.

On that point, the way to look at some differences in academic achievement like in Japan, patently trying to take out various abilities of cheating and deceiving children over 9 years is far superior as primary education in the long run. I think that it is a mechanism. However, after that, after that, there seems to be a high school and a university that can successfully connect to elite education, but that does not go well.

On that point, the A school in Germany keeps elite training in mind, although not as old as it used to. And the elite who has passed through now also produces it.

German super elite is a high level of everyday conversation anyway. Even just drinking tea with my family, it is a beautiful German language that allows me to talk with everything from budding pianists to post-war German relations, and to print spoken language as it is. When I see such a thing, there is no body and no lid, but I do not think this is an enemy.

The fact that the elite is strong in Germany and the middle class in Japan is strong is clearly evident in the difference in contents of the media.

For example, Germany has a weekly magazine called “Der Spiegel”. Many articles with a long content and long-term subjects of current affairs issues, sentences are also difficult. It is clearly a magazine targeting a certain degree of intellectuals. On the other hand, there is a mass media called “Bild-Zeitung”, and if you handle the current affairs problem, it also lists the gossip of athletes and entertainers altogether. The reader of “Dear Spiegel” probably will not even have “handled” the “built”.

Turning to weekly magazines in Japan, the names of “Weekly Bunshun” and “Weekly Shincho” and “Weekly Hyundai” will celebrate. If you read the elite either, the common people also read. Contents of the magazine are politically and economically solid articles, sharp poppies, missing essays, mahjong and horse racing information to women’s gravure close to nakedness. By the way, there was a time when a novel of pornography appeared in the “Nikkei Newspaper”. It is a magazine composition which is impossible in Germany.

As I mentioned earlier, since German readers are polarized, it will not become a magazine that is interlaced hard like in Japan. I think that the layer reading “Dear Spiegel” is absolutely aware that you are an elite. In that sense, Europe is still a class society.

◆ Tightening austerity
– While there is an elite that excels at such brain labor, I heard that the popularity of technical workers in Germany is not good.

Kawaguchi: Even if he calls a technical position as a person, it can be divided into engineers of craftsmanship such as craftsmen, skilled workers and sophisticated technicians learned at vocational schools and universities. Certainly recently, the popularity of craftsmen is a low grade. In the past, the way to become Maister (masters), the crown of craftsmen, was proud of the Germans. That’s why boys love cars, studying hard, becoming an automobile maintenance worker, and dreaming to be a meister at the end. Such a child studied seriously at C school first.

However, recently there is a strong tendency to want to become an engineer who can work in front of a computer, rather than being covered with oil under the car.

Nonetheless, the reality that Germany is still a country living on manufacturing is not moving. Among developed countries, countries that can truly make living in the manufacturing industry will be around Germany and Japan any longer. Even in the U.S. or the U.K., it has become a country supported by the financial industry which makes money from right to left and earn margins.

– Recently, in addition to trade in goods, “income balance” consisting of dividends of interest and investment is close up, but Germany is a phase change